Best Wireless Mouses Under ₹1000(Top 5)

1. HP X3500 Wireless Mouses Buy Now Buy Now The HP X3500 is one of the cheapest wireless mouses from HP. Firstly, the HP X3500 has a very stylish look and the mouse is made up of hard plastic. Secondly, it has 3 buttons– two primary buttons and a scroll wheel. In addition, it has 2.4 GHz optical wireless technology and … Read more

Best Gaming Mouse under ₹1000(Top 5)

1. Offbeat Killshot Gaming Mouse Check Price Buy Now The Offbeat Killshot is the best gaming mouse that is priced very averagely but packed with a lot of features. The design is stylish as well as has a set of advantages physically when it comes to gaming. The chassis is made of plastic and feels … Read more

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under ₹2000(Top 5)

1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bluetooth Earphones This is the best bluetooth earphones from OnePlus. Firstly, talking about the build, it is madeiup of soft rubber and is very comfortable. In addition, It has a USB type C-port which supports super-fast charging. Moreover, the battery life is 20 hours. Secondly, the microphone and the volume controls … Read more

Best Wired Earphones under ₹1000(Top 5)

1. SONY MDR EX-150AP Wired Earphones To start the list of best 5 wired earphones under ₹1000, the  SONY MDR EX-150AP tops the list.  Firstly, it comes with a 9mm dynamic driver. However, its L-shaped gold-plated jack makes it very sturdy and comfortable. Moreover, the cable is 1.2m long and its vertical texture makes it … Read more

JBL T110 Wired Headset/Earphone – Full Review

JBL T110 Wired Headset – Full Review with Pros and Cons This JBL wired headset is from the TUNE series of JBL’s earphone lineup. JBL is known for manufacturing high quality and budget-friendly earphones and this product is a very good example of that. It is available in three colors – black, white and blue. … Read more