JBL T110 Wired Headset/Earphone – Full Review

JBL T110 Wired Headset - Full Review with Pros and Cons

This JBL wired headset is from the TUNE series of JBL’s earphone lineup. JBL is known for manufacturing high quality and budget-friendly earphones and this product is a very good example of that. It is available in three colors – black, white and blue. It is one of the cheapest earphones in the TUNE series of JBL. Its price is now ranged between ₹899-₹999. 

Build Quality

At the first look, this earphone looks very eye-catching. Talking about the build quality, it is lightweight and compact. It gives a premium feel. However, the material between the earpeice and the cable is weak.  Under the durable earpiece housing, it comes with a pair of 9mm drivers and a 3.5mm angular jack which makes it very functional and comfortable. It has a one button remote with microphone which can be used to control playback and answer calls though you cannot control volume using the button. The package also contains earbuds of different sizes according to your need.

There is no official IP rating for this earphone but it can handle your light workout sessions. Note that this earphone is not made for heavy workout.  


This earphone comes with a flat , tangle-free cable. The cable length is, however, a bit too long. The strength of the cable is also not that strong but considering the price of the headset, it should be more than enough. Overall, the cable quality is average.


Talking about the comfort of this earphone, it would rank higher comapred to it’s other features. It is very comfortable and easy to wear due to its lightweight. You can do all your break dance but it won’t fall off. It comes with earbuds of three sizes, which are super soft and fits into the ears very well.

Sound Quality

This earphone comes with JBL Pure Bass Sound technology. The bass is punchy and powerful. Mid tones are clearly audible as all the instruments can be differentiated easily. The vocals are very clean and audio has a bit of warmth in it. The trebles or the highs are well-handled in this product. 

Overall, the sound quality of these earphones are pretty good but make note that bass is a bit overpowered and there is no support for active noise cancellation.

So, if you are looking for a branded, good-looking and well-rounded earphones under ₹1000, you can definitely go with JBL T160 Wired Earphones.


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