Nokia PureBook X14- Full Review

Nokia PureBook X14 - Full Review with Pros and Cons

The Nokia Pureview X14 is the first laptop launched by Nokia in India priced around the 60k mark. It is an ultra light thin machine with great build quality and understated premium look. The machine is greatly suited for travelling due to its portability and battery life.

The machine comes with a 14″ 1080p IPS LCD display, powered by 10th gen Intel core i5 processor and 8GB RAM, all in a magnesium aluminum alloy matte finished body. It supports Dolby Vision and Atmos out of the box.

Build and Quality

The laptop is designed very well with its sleek slim profile. The matt finish gives the laptop a premium look to it. The device is made up of magnesium aluminum alloy which makes it super sturdy and light as well. This weighs in a mere 1.1kg. There isn’t any flexing and creeks in the whole device. Overall the build is solid with good materials and hinge.

Ports, I/O and Connectivity

Ports on this device are good enough for all kinds of usage scenarios. There are 2 USB 3.1, 1 USB 2.0, 1 USB Type C, 1HDMI port, 1 RJ45 ethernet port.

The USB C port does not support thunderbolt functionality but does offer the option to charge the laptop using the same. The device supports Wifi and bluetooth 5.1.

Input Devices

KeyboardThe keyboard on this machine is decent. It does not include a num pad which may be important to some people. The keys are backlit and well layed out but the key spacing could have been better. There is a decent amount of key travel although the keys might feel a bit mushy. Overall anyone can get used to this keyboard with ease.

TouchpadThe trackpad in this machine is good, with good accuracy and preciseness. The palm rejection is done right with great clicky buttons to go with it.


The device comes with a 14” 1080p full Hd IPS LCD display. The screen has great viewing angles and good colour accuracy. It also supports Dolby vision on this screen. So, the screen all-in-all is a good match for content and media experience. The brightness however is at around 250 nits which frankly is nothing to write home about.


The performance of the new nokia laptop is pretty good. It comes with a 10th gen Intel core i5 10210U processor which is a quad core processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM. 

It swifts through daily jobs like web browsing, content consumption etc with ease, the fast SSD helps in this case as well. It can handle a decent level of video editing at 1080p if we try to push it. Nokia allows us to control the fan speed which is a good thing though the chassy remains cool even after long duration of usage. Also the fans does not come on very often and the laptop remains quite silent most of the time. The graphical part is handled by the intel integrated graphics so gaming is obviously not what you should be doing on the laptop. 


The machine comes with a 512 GB NVMe SSD and this SSD is fast getting upto 2.5 GB/s read and 1.8 GB/s write speeds which makes this machine super snappy and great to use with very fast boot times.


There is a dual bottom firing speaker setup on this machine. While the bottom firing speakers are never the best positions for a sound output the speakers on this device are surprising loud and punchy. There is a decent amount of base and highs and mids are clear as well. These speakers are definitely way better than the speakers offered in the laptops in this price segment. Note that the device supports Dolby Atmos.

Battery Life

The battery life of this machine is decently good. The battery unit is a 46.7 watt hour cell which gives around seven to seven and half hours of battery life which is better than similar laptops in this price range which makes it a good option for travelling. This laptop comes with a barrel plug style power brick in the box and also supports charging through USB C.

Nokia PureBook X14

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