Top 5 laptops under 1 lakh

If you have some extra money to spare and buy a premium laptop under 1 lakh, then you’re at the right place. This comprehensive list and review will convince and give you all the necessary information to buy one. This segment has become quite crowded and competitive in the last few years and we hope you get to buy your favorite from our list of Top 5 laptops under 1 lakh.

Released in 2020, Apple’s Macbook Air still scores a spot on our list. With its powerful m1 chip, compact size, and no thermal fans it still tops as a productivity laptop. macOS along with a gorgeous color-accurate display is just a cherry on the top. Great for students and professionals alike, Macbook is sure to not disappoint in the long run. Consistent software updates and customer support make it stand out from all of its other competitors. This tops out the Top 5 laptops under 1 lakh.

LG’s latest gram laptop in the market is an obvious upgrade from its predecessors. From having powerful 11th gen processors to a gorgeous 2k display with amazing color accuracy, Lg sure has up its game. Its super lightweight chassis holds a guineas world record and also military-grade durability. With that, you also get 3 years warranty from LG. If all this won’t convince you to buy an LG, then nothing would.

3. Asus Zenbook duo 14

Launched in 2021, this second iteration of the Asus Zenbook duo is a full workstation in itself. From a dual OLED touch screen to a dedicated graphics card, this laptop’s a mood. Good for content creators and gamers alike, this laptop is sure to woo many others out of its target audience. On occasional days, one can hope to buy one of these for sub 1 lakh. It’s a beautiful piece of the laptop for trendy and professionals alike. This laptop is the trendiest of all in our list of Top 5 laptops under 1 lakh.

4. Dell G15

Dell’s latest G15 series of laptops is a boon for casual and serious gamers alike. Coming in both the latest Intel and AMD processors and up to RTX 3060, it’s a match made in heaven. Great thermal system and 120Hz full HD is the screen is some great addition to it as well. It also comes bulky at around 2.4Kg and has tons of ports as well.

5. Lenovo Legion 5

Continuing with its legacy, Lenovo Legion 5 boasts some pretty powerful specs. With up to Intel i7 (11th gen) and RTX 3060 graphics, it’s in the market to dominate with style. With the powerful thermal system along with a host of ports, Legion 5 stands apart from the rest. Apart from this a 165Hz color-accurate display is just a jewel on the crown in this laptop. One can get it in various configurations in the Indian market.

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