Windows vs Mac

Windows vs Mac

The Windows vs Mac debate is the most religious and controversial debates of all time. This article is going to compare each operating system on different factors in an unbiased manner. Those who are in a dilemma of which OS to chose can go through this article once. People on both side of this OS war probably don’t know what the other side has to offer, and some of them may be curious about it.

The operating system itself is the first factor to consider. The macOS is generally seen to be more stable than Windows. The reason behind it is that Apple produces both software and hardware of a device. So, device integration becomes easier and we have better control over the system.

Windows, on the other hand, runs on many types of computers, so the variations in the hardware configurations can cause problems in the stability area. Hundreds of manufacturers mean hundreds of quality of PCs which is not a good sign.

Let’s explore some of the other factors which will give us a more broad idea about the two operating systems.

User Interface

The biggest difference between Macs and Window PCs is in the user interfaces. There have been many comparisons as to which is better, but this is ultimately a matter of user’s personal preference.

Some of the highlights of Mac UI are- Launchpad, a dock that has icons for your favourite apps, option for creating as many desktops as you want and many more. Windows UI highlights include – a touch-friendly “metro” interface that contains live tiles, rectangular boxes of varying sizes and many more.


For some people, security is the biggest concern when they buy any electronic device. Historically, Macs have been more secure than Windows PC. The main reason is that more than 90% of the users have Windows installed on their system. So, most of the malware and viruses are made for PCs. 

However, times are changing now. With the increasing popularity of macOS among the high-value targets like programmers, the hackers are now shifting their concentration towards Apple laptops. Also. with Microsoft’s Defender anti-virus program, Windows is making steady strides forward in the field of security. 

Overall, macOS is still more secure at this point in time. Regarding security, one point to keep in mind is that we should not open and download files from unknown sources that seem suspicious. Also, for Windows users, it is advised not to use any other anti-virus except the Microsoft’s Defender.

Build Quality

Mac computers are known for their exceptional build quality across all devices, including laptops and desktops. They offer a very compact profile regardless of form factor and are aesthetically pleasing. Windows, on the other hand, are highly customizable from internal to external components. That’s why there are many levels of build quality. So, there are chances of getting a good component as well as bad ones.


Windows major applications include games like Solitaire and Virtual Pool and important apps like MS Office, MS Defender and many more. On the other hand, Macs have applications like Life and Time Machine. It also games like Mac Crack Attack and 3D Klonkide. 

The main difference in applications in both operating systems is the third-party applications that are pre-installed. In Windows, lots of applications are pre-installed into the system which is sometimes of no use. Macs, on the other hand, comes with minimal pre-installed apps. So, chances of a security breach are also more in Windows than in Macs.


The hardcore gamers who like to stream their games on an online platform don’t even need to look at this section. We have a clear winner here- Windows. 

Windows is better for gaming for many reasons. Firstly, most of the game developers create games compatible with Windows because it holds 90% of the market share. The second reason is that Windows provide a lot of customization options like graphics card, high-performance processors and internal software customizations.

However, in recent times, game developers are slowly shifting their concentration towards Macs and Mac-specific games are also being created. However, Windows still has an upper hand in gaming.


When in need of technical support, Macs can give you a lot of assistance when you try to contact them. This is because Apple produces all the parts including the software and hardware, and that’s why you don’t have to wander here or there for support. 

Talking of Windows, since Windows computers are manufactured by many companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo there is no centralised support for Windows. Support and assistance can be hit or miss and there are many shops which offer hardware solutions but they don’t specialize for one brand of computers.


Mac computers are far more expensive than Windows computers. But, the logic here is that you get what you pay for. Macs have a very high price and rupee to performance perspective is very low. However, Macs are built with very high-quality components. 

Windows PC on the other hand, are very much affordable and if you are a budget-friendly person you can go for a Windows PC. They are especially cheaper when it comes to customization of the computer’s components.

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