Best Gaming Mouse under ₹1000(Top 5)

Offbeat Killshot Gaming Mouse

The Offbeat Killshot is the best gaming mouse that is priced very averagely but packed with a lot of features. The design is stylish as well as has a set of advantages physically when it comes to gaming. The chassis is made of plastic and feels relatively durable. There is a metallic plate underneath the mouse that increases precision and reduces the friction between the mouse and the surface.

The curves over the chassis offer a very good grip. There are about 6 programmable buttons to set your preferences right at your fingers. The cool LED lights that emit seven different colours alternatively gives a vibe of gaming right from the first look.The sensor on this device can be calibrated with different sensitivity settings ranging from 1600-6400dpi depending on your choice. With 500Hz polling rate, the Offbeat Killshot is one of the best budget gaming mice available in India at present.

2. Ant Esports GM100 Gaming Mouse

Ant Esports GM100 Gaming Mouse

The Ant Esports GM100 is wired gaming mouse that is designed for FPS games such as PUBG and Fortnite. It is made up of hard plastic material and its ergonomic design along with curves around the chassis provides an excellent grip. The rubber-coated surface finish is very comfortable. There are total of six buttons on this mouse which are very responsive. It features a maximum DPI of 4800 and can be adjusted between 1200/2400/3200 and 4800. Its polling rate is as high as 1000Hz which results in almost no lag in gaming. It is the best gaming mouse for entry-level gamers at such a low price.

3. Xmate Zorro

Xmate Zorro Gaming Mouse

The Xmate Zorro is a wired gaming mouse priced under ₹500 with a unique cyborg design. It is made up of hard ABS plastic material. The rubber roller is easy to operate and is very comfortable. The maximum DPI is 3200 which is very good at such a low price. The polling rate is 500Hz and as a result, the clicks are registered almost instantly. It also comes with 7-step customizable LED light. There are 6 programmable buttons which give you an advantage over your enemies. The Xmate Zorro is possibly the best gaming mouse that you can get under ₹500.

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4. DragonWar Emera ELE G11 Gaming Mouse

DragonWar Emera ELE G11

The ELE-G11 from Dragonwar is a budget wired gaming mouse priced under ₹500 which is very good value for money. The pleasant colour combination and hard plastic quality make this mouse worth its asking price. The gold-plated USB connector reduces latency and looks very attractive too. The maximum DPI is set at 3200 which is more than enough considering the price. The polling rate is 500Hz and it has six programmable buttons for specialized key actions. It also has 512KB memory to save our settings. The LED light illumination adds to the flair of the mouse. The Dragonwar ELE-G11 is a no-frills budget gaming mouse that won’t disappoint you in terms of build quality and performance.

5. Redgear A10

Redgear A10

The Redgear A-10 is a wired gaming mouse that will enhance your gaming prowess with precise controls over your in-game actions. The design is minimal and the ergonomically curved chassis provides a very good grip. The contours have a lined texture which adds to the comfort of using this mouse for a longer duration. It has 1.8m long braided cable. The maximum DPI is set at 2400 which is good at a price as low as ₹349. There are three programmable buttons and the polling rate is 500Hz. The RGB lighting effects add a flair to the mouse. The Redgear A-10 is the best gaming mouse you can purchase right now for a budget under 500.

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